Mango, Mango Frozen Cheesecake

Mango, Mango Frozen Cheesecake

This is basically the sunshine and pleasures of summer blended into a vibrant, irresistible cheesecake with Mango, Mango, along with coconut cashews, strawberries, honey...

Serves: 6 - 8 Prep Time: 15 Minutes Cooking Time: 2 Hours 25 Minutes






Grind coconut cashews, soft and juicy mango, coconut oil, and salt in a blender or a food processor for about a minute, or until the mixture coarsely comes together. Flatten the mixture out on the bottom of an 8-inch non-stick spring form pan.

Chill crust in fridge while the filling is made. Blend mango, lemon juice and honey. Add mascarpone and mango Greek yogurt; blend until uniform color. Pour filling over chilled crust and freeze for at least two hours.

Remove from freezer ten minutes before serving. Top cheesecake with fresh mango and strawberries, garnish with coconut flakes and mint sprigs. Serve immediately.