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Mediterranean Seven-Layer Dip

Mediterranean Seven-Layer Dip

Pairs with: warmed Pita Bread, Multigrain Pita Crackers, Pita Chips (see a trend…?) This easy recipe switches up the traditional Mexican-inspired 7-Layer dip. A variety of textures and a hint of spice make this dip a party pleaser. You might even want to use the dip to fill pita pockets. Sounds like we’re onto something…

Serves: 6 - 8 Cooking Time: 10 Minutes



In a baking dish or wide bowl, spread hummus to cover bottom of dish.

Drain and rinse white beans, then layer evenly over hummus. Stir together Greek yogurt and harissa until combined. Spread Greek yogurt mixture on top of white beans. Add chopped cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, and sliced Kalamata olives, respectively, on top of dip. Sprinkle with Feta cheese and fresh ground black pepper, if desired.

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