Synergistic C Vitamin C Complex

Vitamin CFebruary 4, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

It sometimes seems that the whole world wants more Vitamin C in its diet, especially at this time of year, in the winter months, when you're most likely to catch a cold. Most of us, though, don't want to have to swallow pill after pill to get enough of this important vitamin. That's one reason why Trader Joe's Synergistic C Vitamin C Complex is such a great source of this important vitamin—one tablet per day provides 500mg of vitamin C, which is a whopping 834% of the Daily Value!

Another reason we like Synergistic C is that also contains bioflavonoids, compounds that are naturally present in citrus fruits (in this case, lemons), that work in conjunction with vitamin C to make both of them more effective in the human body. This synergy (see how we did that with the name?) creates something closer to a whole food supplement than you'd get from the individual components, taken separately. In everyday language… Synergistic C Vitamin C Complex makes the vitamin C more effective. Can't argue with that logic. And we also can't argue with our excellent price of $4.99 for each bottle of 100 tablets—that's all the vitamin C you need for about five cents a day!

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