Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks

Cinnamon Apple Snack SticksFebruary 4, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

We know it's early in the year, but we hereby nominate Trader Joe's Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks for snack of the year. These are simple little snack sticks that crunch like a chip, taste like a churro and allow you to eat 38 pieces in a single, 140-calorie serving! We start with a multigrain "stick" made with corn flour, rice flour, whole wheat flour, whole oat flour, sugar, whole barley flour, potato, and apple puree. The sticks are liberally coated with a sweet-pungent cinnamon-sugar – enough to make them incredibly delicious, while bringing the sugar total per serving to a mere four grams.

We share Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks with friends, family, and complete strangers. All tend to agree that these are kings in the snack world. We think they're so award-worthy that in addition to Snack of the Year, we'll nominate them in a few more categories. Best Performance by a Snack in a Bag or a Box, Most Convincing Impersonation of an Unhealthy Carnival Snack, and even Most Likely to Induce Excitement while Still Shopping. Finally, we suggest an award for Best Value for a Snack You Can Eat With Your Fingers. We're selling each six ounce bag of Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks for $2.49, every day.

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