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Dark Chocolate with AlmondsFebruary 4, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Très Chocolate Taste

If there's a single negative to chocolate, it's finding the will to stop eating it. Now, of course, this is likely our problem, and not the fault of the chocolate at all. But when we see a problem of this magnitude, we see it as our responsibility as good corporate citizens to find a workable solution.  And when it comes to chocolate, by gum, we've done it!

Trader Joe's Belgian Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bars 3-Packs solve the "I can’t stop until the bar is finished" chocolate crisis quite deliciously. We've taken the same high quality Belgian dark chocolate we use for our Pound Plus Chocolate Bars (made just for us by one of the world's foremost chocolatiers) and created 1.65 ounce bars wrapped in packs of three. And we added almonds, because that combination of smooth and crunchy is as near to perfect as we can imagine.

If portion control is your candy quandary, these bars are your saving grace. One bar is just the right amount to satisfy your dark chocolate cravings, with a side of nuts. And if it's an especially trying day, you can indulge in all three without doing too much damage. You won't damage your wallet, either. We're selling 3-packs of our Belgian Dark Chocolate with Almonds Bars for the staggeringly super price of $1.79 each, every day.

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