Dutch Tulips

February 4, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

There's nothing like a bunch of fresh cut flowers to brighten up a room. Or a whole house, for that matter. When those flowers are tulips, things just get even brighter. And when those tulips come from Trader Joe's and cost a mere $4.99, it's so bright it may just feel like the sun is shining 24 hours a day.

Tulips have been cultivated in Holland for so long that most of the world is under the mistaken impression that the tulip is a Dutch native. In truth, though, tulips originated around the area of central Asia that is now Turkey and were brought to The Netherlands in the 1500's. And this is where the history of Trader Joe's Dutch Tulips begins—in The Netherlands, that is, not the 16th century.

Their future is in your home, where these big, beautiful, hardy blooms will reward you with not only exquisite loveliness, but excellent shelf life as well. We're selling these striking stems for the terrific price of $4.99 a bunch. Each bunch is made up of a single color—we have a wide variety of colors from which to choose, and our price is low enough that you can afford to buy bunches of bunches if you're in the mood to mix and match.

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