Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

Quick Cook Steel Cut OatsFebruary 4, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Yes, you read that headline correctly—we did say Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. For some, steel cut oats are the holy grail of hot cereal, and "quick cook" could very well be perceived as blasphemy.  We're so convinced that Trader Joe's Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats are as good as the traditional "long cook" variety that we're willing to risk cries of "heretic!" to bring this satisfying cereal to you, in eight minutes or less.

Our supplier has perfected a process that leaves the whole grain groats intact—bran, endosperm and germ are all there for your benefit—but cooks on the stovetop in about eight minutes. Truly revolutionary. And truly healthful, too. Each serving provides five grams of protein, 40 grams of whole grain and four grams of fiber. Serve with a little brown sugar, your favorite fresh or dried fruit or a drizzle of maple syrup to customize your breakfast. If you're truly a traditionalist, add nothing at all—simply sit back, relax and enjoy the 40 minutes we've added back to your day.

We're selling each 24 ounce canister of Trader Joe's Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats (about 17 servings) for the extraordinary price of $2.49—that's less than 15 cents a serving!

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