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Fresh Brie Unripened Semi-Soft CheeseFebruary 4, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Trader Joe's Fresh Unripened Brie is our Spotlight Cheese for February. Every month we feature a different, limited-supply cheese we think is spectacular. These are generally cheeses we can only get in small quantities, so we can't carry them every day. We didn't want that to stop us from sharing some of these fantastic fromages, so we developed the Spotlight Cheese program. Spotlight Cheese selections always represent phenomenal value, are always very limited in quantity, and they always sell out. (Consider yourself warned.) So follow the Spotlight to our cheese case, and check out what's in store this month and every month!

For February, we're featuring Trader Joe's Unripened Brie*, crafted for us by a renowned Northern California cheese company that's been making fine cheeses since the mid-19th century. For this cheese they use extra rich Jersey and Holstein cows' milk that's collected daily from surrounding family farms. They add European cultures that impart the signature flavors of traditional Brie, and add fresh cream, making this a triple cream Brie that's super rich, creamy, and buttery. It's hand-formed into a small, four ounce round and meant to be enjoyed within 30 days of being made. This is when you'll enjoy its fresh, fruity flavors the most —as it continues to age, its flavors become more complex, and may even start to develop a rind.

We're selling each four ounce round of Unripened Brie for $2.99, while our supply of this month's Spotlight Cheese lasts.

*We can imagine what you're thinking… how can it be Brie if it's unripened? We understand your confusion. If it helps, you can think of Trader Joe's Unripened Brie as Brie without the rind. It will probably help even more if you come in and taste the cheese—once you get a taste, you'll not only get the concept, you'll want more!

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