Chocolate Cheddar

Chocolate Cheddar CheeseDecember 31, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

We've taken creamy, mature English Cheddar that's aged for 15 months and blended it with rich, dark chocolate. The smooth, sweet dark chocolate curls round out the naturally savory sharpness of the Cheddar and create a visually rousing marbled effect. It's beautiful cut and served with fresh strawberries or grilled between a butter croissant for a cheese sandwich that will incite swooning. And just imagine the thrills you'll stir when you add this looker to your holiday cheese tray!

We first brought in limited quantities of Trader Joe's Chocolate Cheddar around Valentine's Day, and it really was love at first bite. It's special enough that we wanted to share it during this holiday season, so we've brought it back again, in similarly limited quantities, at the terrific price of $9.99 a pound.

Chocolate Cheddar Cheese Crossiant Sandwich!

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