Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Mango Bites

Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Mango BitesOctober 9, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

In a quest that some say rivals Mr. Wonka himself, Trader Joe's is determined to cover the world – and everything in it – in chocolate.  Next stop, mango, with a stop at coconut. We start with coconut from tropical islands in the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The fresh "meat" of the coconut is sliced, dried and diced – nothing is added to the coconut. While we're in the tropics, we grab some tree-ripened mangoes, lightly sweetened and dried. And now comes the chocolate – rich, dark chocolate, enveloping the soft, chewy coconut-mango center. This, friends, is how we like to describe Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Mango Bites

You may choose other ways to describe these tropical delights, these dark chocolate delicacies. Your descriptions might be as lengthy as ours, or they may be as simple as "delicious," "delightful," or "delovely." You might need to try a few before you get the description just right, and that's okay, because you'll have a seven ounce, resealable bag of Dark Chocolate Covered Coconut Mango Bites in front of you, giving you plenty of opportunities to find just the right words.

We're selling each seven ounce bag for $3.99, every day.

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