Hummus Snack Packs

Mediterranean Hummus Snack PackOctober 9, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

It's a little late for a "back to school" theme, yet when we think about our Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack, we immediately think of lunchboxes. And we think of how far lunchboxes have come since the days of bologna sandwiches on white bread.

Trader Joe's Mediterranean Hummus Snack Pack with Pita Chips is a package of two, four ounce trays. Each tray has one ounce of our much-loved Mediterranean Hummus on one side, and three ounces of our own Pita Chips on the other. The trays are individually sealed, so you can take one for lunch today, and save the other for tomorrow – or later today, should your hummus cravings continue.

These Snack Packs are so easy to pack in your child's lunchbox for school, and equally easy to pack in your own lunch bag for work. Each two-pack is $1.99, making these a good economic and gastronomic choice. You'll find them in our refrigerated case. Oh, and don't forget to include an ice pack in that lunchbox – hummus likes to be kept cool.

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