Organic Gold Potatoes

Organic Gold PotatoesOctober 9, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

These potatoes are worth their weight in gold. There's no need to look for a rainbow to find this pot (bag) of gold. Every bite is a gold mine of great taste. This is a gold-en opportunity to get great tasting potatoes for a super price.

Well… now that we've dispensed with the metaphorical, we can get down to the real thing, Trader Joe's Organic Gold Potatoes. These are medium sized (about 2” each), yellow-fleshed, organically-grown potatoes whose color comes from beta carotene (yes, the same beta carotene responsible for the carrot's orange-ness). Their rich, creamy, buttery flavor and velvety smooth texture make them pretty much perfect for mashing – and while they're buttery on their own, a little more butter never hurts. They're not just for mashing, though. They make a good impression roasted, baked or broiled, too. They make a great impression on your wallet – each four pound bag is $3.99, every day. 

We recommend storing our Organic Gold Potatoes (and all potatoes, for that matter) in a cool, dark place. But don't refrigerate them – that will cause the potato's starch to convert to sugar.

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