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Kale. Frozen Kale.

Kale. Fresh Kale.

If you're anything like we are, we'll guess that kale is on your list of "things I need to learn more about," so we're here to fill you in on all things fantastic about this rock-star green. It's fresh-from-the-field, loaded with vitamins A, C, and K, high in beta carotene. Some folks even attribute cancer-fighting and cell-repairing properties to kale – we make no claim to be Dr. Joe's, though, and suggest you eat kale primarily because you like it. Kale comes from the same family (Brassica) as cabbage, Brussels sprouts and collard greens, and has similarities with all of those in both nutritional and flavor profiles.

Now, you might have noticed that there are two different headlines pointing to two different presentations of kale – frozen and fresh. That’s because you can buy Trader Joe's Kale in both the frozen section and the fresh section of our stores. In the fresh produce case, we're selling Organic Tuscan Kale. This variety has a mild, fresh flavor with a slightly crunchy texture. It's harvested daily according to what we order, so what you're getting is always fresh from the farm. This Kale is excellent in soups, pasta dishes, as a side dish or in a salad. We're selling it in 10 ounce bags for $2.29,* every day.

In the freezer case, we have Trader Joe's Kale, a 16 ounce bag of Dwarf Siberian kale that's grown for us in Texas & Tennessee and packaged within hours of harvest. It's easy to keep on hand, in your freezer, and use in stir-frys and soups, or in side dishes like gratins. We're selling each bag for $1.79, every day.

When it comes to Kale, Trader Joe’s has you covered, from fridge to freezer.

Crazy for Rustic Kale Pies - Get the recipe!

*Ounces, price and recipes may vary by region: a 10 ounce bag of Organic Tuscan Kake is $2.49 in our East Coast, Midwest and Southeast stores.

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