Wine Country Chicken Salad

Wine Country Chicken SaladJune 11, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Wine Country Chicken Salad is made just for us with very large pieces of white meat chicken, pecans, celery, poppy seeds and dried cranberries.  We think it’s the cranberries that really set this salad apart.  They add a sweet-tart flavor that’s complemented by the crunch of the pecans and celery.  There are so many ways to enjoy this salad – in addition to the fantasy-inspired one above.  Try it nestled on a bed of greens, stuffed into a pita or in a “chicken salad melt” with sourdough bread and the melting cheese of your choice – our Unexpected Cheddar is a good, if unexpected, option.  We’re selling Wine Country Chicken Salad in a 12 ounce tub for $4.49*.  Look for it in our refrigerated cases.  We’ll be on that hillside in Napa, er, Tuscany, conjuring up new product ideas. Feel free to join
us with a sandwich.

*Ounces, price and recipes may vary by region as we strive to source our deli items
as close-to-the-source as possible to keep them as fresh and tasty as possible:

In the West Coast, a 12 oz tub of Wine Country Chicken Salad is $3.99
In the East Coast, Midwest and Southeast a 12 oz tub of Wine Country Chicken Salad is $4.49

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