Celery Hearts

Celery HeartsJune 11, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

The word “celery” is an English derivation of a French take on an Italian version of a Late Latin translation of a Greek word. Seriously.  The veggie “celery” is cool, crunchy and makes a great, healthful snack, straight from the fridge.   Filled with peanut butter, it’s satisfying and wholesome.  Paired with Fire Roasted Red Peppers, it makes a colorful and flavorful platter presentation.  And of course, you can’t make a respectable Bloody Mary without celery.

Trader Joe’s Celery Hearts come in packages of two hearts for $1.79, every day.  It’s a great value for this versatile veggie that you’ll find in our fresh produce section.

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