St. Somewhere Petit Verdot

St. Somewhere Petit VerdotApril 30, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

From Paso Robles

There are two patron saints of wine growers, Vincent of Saragossa and Martin of Tours, so chosen for their affinity for the grape. The patron saint of these particular wines is known for his ability to match a wine to the land of its birth, right to the soil where the grapes were grown. In the wine world, this is known as terroir, and sometimes described as “somewhereness.” This is St. Somewhere, wine that, based on its defining characteristics, could only come from one place. In this case, that place is Paso Robles, along California’s Central Coast.

Paso Robles’ climate features the largest swing between high daytime and low nighttime temperatures of any California growing region. This is the result of the cool marine breezes that flow east through the Templeton Gap and south along the Salinas River Valley from the Monterey Bay.  This fluctuation in temperature is what gives Paso’s wines their intense varietal character. Simply stated, when it comes to Paso Robles wines, terroir is an extremely important element in the winemaking.

St. Somewhere Petit Verdot is a distinctive example of the importance of terroir. Its deep, dark red hue pulls you in, and spicy, peppery aromas lead to vibrant flavors of black cherry. It features a big, bold mouthfeel and very grippy tannins, making it and excellent wine with red meats, especially right off the grill. At Trader Joe’s. we’re selling St. Somewhere Petit Verdot for $9.99*, everyday. You could call us the patron store of great values!

*Alcohol availability & price may vary due to state laws, taxes, shipment fees & other such stuff. (If we could, we would.) Currently St. Somewhere Petit Verdot is available in GA, NC, SC & FL for $9.99.

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