Joe Joe's Cookies

Joe Joe's Cookies

April 30, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

What do you call a cookie made of two chocolate wafers with a smooth vanilla cream in between?  You could call it a chocolate wafer cookie with vanilla bean cream. Or, you could call it a Joe Joe. At Trader Joe’s, we call it a Joe Joe. And if we’re talking about a whole box of ‘em (just imagine!), we call them Trader Joe’s Joe Joe’s Sandwich Creme Cookies. When you buy a box, you can call them anything you like – most likely choice, delicious! 

Joe Joe’s often evoke a visual comparison to a different chocolate wafer cookie. The visual resemblance, however, is where the similarities end. Joe Joe’s are made exclusively for us using natural flavors and without pesky things like artificial preservatives or hydrogenated oils. The cookies are crispy and deeply chocolate-y, and the vanilla bean cream sandwiched between them is very… vanilla-y. You can even see specks of vanilla bean in the cream. 

Grab a Joe Joe and twist it apart and eat the cream first. Or dunk it in a glass of milk or cup of coffee. Crumble it on ice cream or blend it into a milkshake. The world is your oyster—er, cookie. The difficulty will not lie in how to enjoy a Joe Joe. Rather, the difficulty will lie in enjoying just one Joe Joe. Because we’re selling each 20 ounce box for a mere $2.99, you won’t have any difficulty bringing a box home.

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