Organic Maple Sugar

Organic Maple SugarApril 30, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

When the sap of a sugar maple tree is boiled, two things can happen. One, the process can be stopped at just the right moment to create maple syrup. Two, the process can go on a bit longer, the majority of the liquid heated out, leaving a solid mass that’s called maple sugar. Actually, a third, very undesirable thing can happen, too. If the timing isn’t perfect, the sap/syrup/sugar will burn – this would be a shame, and would leave us without the sweet bounty of Trader Joe’s Organic Maple Sugar on our shelves.

Trader Joe’s Organic Maple Sugar comes to us from a family-owned New England maple company that consistently produces great tasting maple products. You can use maple sugar as you would everyday table sugar – it imparts a smooth, rich maple flavor. It’s a tongue tingling alternative to sugar or other sweeteners in coffee and tea. It’s also about twice as sweet to the taste as regular table sugar, so plan accordingly. 

We’re selling Organic Maple Sugar in a six ounce, resealable pouch for $4.99 – if you’ve shopped for
maple sugar elsewhere, you know this is a great value.

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