Crimson Blossom Green Tea

Crimson BlossomApril 30, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

You might expect green tea to be green. Perhaps it would surprise you to be presented with a cup of green tea that appeared more red than green. Yet that’s exactly what you’ll get when you steep yourself a cup of Trader Joe’s Crimson Blossom Green Tea

Given the enormous popularity of our winter-season green tea (those of you who hoard it by the case will certainly know what we mean), we set out to create a green tea blend that spoke to spring and summertime.  We think Crimson Blossom Green Tea is just that blend.  With bright, vibrant components like rosehips, hibiscus, chamomile, dried apple, licorice root and rooibos accompanying the green tea, every sip is fresh, refreshing and uplifting.  Enjoy a cup hot, perhaps with a Shortcake Biscuit or Lemon Turnover.  Pour it over ice or combine it with ice in a blender to make a Crimson Blossom Green Tea slush.

We’re selling each box of 20 tea bags of Crimson Blossom Green Tea for $1.99, a price that will leave you with plenty of green left in your wallet.

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