Organic Free Range Whole Chicken

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Sense & Centsibility

The whole chicken argument is ageless: less waste, less expensive pound for pound and more potential deliciousness. A whole fryer, cut-up results in 8 great parts: 2 breasts; 2 thighs; 2 drumsticks and 2 wings that equate to… well, the possibility of many tasty meals, sauces and soups.

It only makes good sense (and cents), however, to buy a chicken whole when you can count on top-notch quality. Trader Joe’s Organic Free Range Whole Chickens take top to the next notch. Raised in the U.S. on family farms in spacious, naturally lit houses and commodious outdoor pens, these birds are free to roam. Certified Organic, they only receive 100% organic, vegetarian corn-and soy-based feed, and their diet is completely free of antibiotics and animal by-products. Like the pride they take in their birds, the ranchers that raise these chickens also tend to the environment with care and responsibility. Employing sustainable farming methods, they minimize the use of natural resources, never use pesticides or herbicides in the soil and implement conservation practices in their daily operations. What’s good for the range is good for the bird, after all. And what’s good for the bird is good for us all. You know what else is really good? Our price of $2.49 per pound for each Trader Joe’s Organic Free Range Chicken.

Culinary Curiosity: It’s believed that the closest relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex is a chicken.

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