Toasted Sesame Oil

Toasted Sesame Oil March 19, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Open Sesame

When most Americans think “sesame” they either think “open,” as in magic, or “seeds,” as in burger buns. Trader Joe’s Toasted Sesame Oil should broaden those associations to include words like “yum” and “wow”!

Sesame oil is an everyday ingredient in the cuisines of most of Asia. It lends a distinct, slightly nutty flavor – a flavor that is enhanced when toasted. Trader Joe’s Toasted Sesame Oil is cold pressed from very carefully toasted, high quality sesame seeds. Careful toasting means that our Oil is aromatic and flavorful, but without the burnt-taste that can result when less care is taken. A little bit of Toasted Sesame Oil adds a whole lot of flavor to your dishes. Add a few drops to stir-frys, soups or Asian noodle dishes. Drizzle a bit over roasted asparagus, blanched green beans or stir-fried greens like spinach or kale. Or combine a few drops with soy sauce and rice vinegar to make a dipping sauce for dumplings or egg rolls. It’s cholesterol free, gluten free, high in antioxidants and has a relatively high smoke point at 350ºF. It’s also a terrific value, at $2.29 for each five ounce bottle.

Culinary Curiosity:  Ayurvedic medicine prizes sesame oil for its healing potential, and estheticians extol its virtues as a skin softener. Apparently that salad dressing we had in mind is a lot more versatile than we thought.

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