Artichoke Hearts in Water

Artichoke HeartsMarch 19, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Have a Heart

The flower buds of a large, perennial thistle plant, artichokes have long been considered a potent aphrodisiac. In fact, centuries ago, it was considered scandalous to eat them. We love digging into the heart of a delicious scandal.

Delicately meaty with a mild, nutty flavor, the tender heart of the artichoke is often considered the prize of the plant. Encased in thorny petals and crowned in choke, the prize is not so easy to earn. There is, however, a pleasing way to get right to it. Trader Joe’s Artichoke Hearts in a can – packed in water, they’re already cooked, peeled, cleaned, cut and ready to use. Now we’re talking. Grown and packaged for us by a Peruvian supplier, who has more than a decade of experience cultivating fresh, quality artichokes, these hearts have been cared for well. And you can tell it when you taste them. Toss them into pasta or salads. Use them as a pizza topping. Or marinate them in olive oil and herbs and serve them on an antipasto platter.  They are undeniably desirable at $2.29 for each 8.5 ounces of heart.

Culinary Curiosity: Only “real” artichokes have hearts – that is to say, Globe Artichokes, as opposed to Jerusalem Artichokes, which are tubers (not tin men).

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