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Organic 9 Grain BreadMarch 19, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

The Greatest Thing
Since Sliced Bread...

We believe in continuous innovation, so while it may sound redundant and a tad hackneyed, our Organic 9 Grain Sliced Bread is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Certified organic, this bread is produced by regional bakers using only the finest quality ingredients, including multiple organic grains and seeds: kamut®, spelt, flax, rye, oats, wheat, sesame, corn, sunflower. Hearty and nourishing, it boasts a slightly sweet bite. While soft and chewy, its crumb is substantial and holds up well under a good old-fashioned buttering. It also makes the perfect canvas for a classic BLT or a turkey and provolone. Made without the use of artificial ingredients or preservatives, our Organic 9 Grain Bread delivers wholesome deliciousness, slice by slice. And our price of just $3.49 for a 22.5 ounce loaf delivers the value.

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