Paperwhite Bulb in a Glass Vase

Paperwhite Bulb in a Glass Vase

When winter is on the horizon, the thought of freshly blooming flowers in your house may seem impossible. Trader Joe's is here to make the impossible not only possible, but simple and affordable, too, thanks to our latest grow-it-yourself holiday offering: Paperwhite Bulbs.

Native to the western Mediterranean region, Paperwhites are members of the Narcissus family – the daffodil’s paler, more fragrant cousin. But unlike some Narcissus varieties, Paperwhites can’t tolerate cold weather, so they’ll gladly seek refuge from the winter’s chill in a cozy, indoor space. No green thumb? No problem. Getting your Bulb to bloom couldn’t be easier. Each bulb comes lodged in a beautiful, 9” clear Glass Vase and is ready to be taken home (or gifted away) and grown hydroponically, without soil. Place in indirect sunlight, add water, and 3-5 weeks later, your whole room will smell like sweet, sweet springtime. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a bunch of paper to get a bunch of Paperwhites – each Paperwhite Bulb in a Glass Vase is $3.99.

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