Herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence

November 6th, 2017—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Did you know that the song “Scarborough Fair” was originally called “Herbes de Provence?” That sage, rosemary and thyme were joined by marjoram, savory, basil, and lavender; and that parsley was left out entirely? This version dates back long before the traditional English ballad, and before Simon or Garfunkel were twinkles in their great-great-great grandparents’ eyes.

Not buying our harmoniously herbaceous story? Okay. But please do buy our herbaceous Herbes de Provence. This is an aromatic blend of herbs that’s typical of mélanges used in the cuisine of France’s Provence region. You’ll find slightly variant versions in grocery stores, gourmet shops, and even big box kitchen stores. We tasted dozens of variations, and chose this particular blend because of how it complemented and enhanced the flavors of the foods to which it was added during our tasting and testing process. It’s our favorite rub for chicken – whether roasted, pan-sauteed, or grilled – and is truly fabulous tossed with French fries.

We’re selling Trader Joe’s Herbes de Provence in a 2.2 ounce glass jar with a small wooden spoon attached. The packaging makes it a beautiful gift for friends who cook, and the price of $4.99 makes it the (limited availability) culinary value of the season!


NOTE: Since posting, the details of this item may have changed due to fluctuating market prices, federal regulations, currency rates, seasonality, limited availability, drought, pestilence, bandits, rush hour traffic, filibusters, clowns, zombie apocalypse, punctilious product developers…;Contact our Crew for current price and availability.

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