Almond Butter with Flaxseeds

almond butter with flaxseedFebruary 6, 2012 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Excellent Source of Omega-3!

A while back, we introduced a new take on peanut butter—by adding roasted flaxseeds, we managed to give peanut butter an improved texture, flavor, and nutritional profile. At that point, we figured if we could do it for peanut butter, we could certainly do it for almond butter. So we did. And so, Trader Joe's Crunchy Salted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds
came to be.

We start with all natural, whole California almonds, skins left on—this way you get the nutritious benefits of the whole almond. The almonds are roasted and ground, leaving enough pieces to create the "crunchy" texture. Next comes a bit of sea salt and finally we add golden roasted flaxseeds, which impart a decidedly nutty flavor and good crunch, a nice complement to the rich taste of the almonds.  The flax also adds a powerful nutritional punch—between the almonds and the flax, Trader Joe's Crunchy Salted Almond Butter with Flaxseeds offers 360 mg of healthful Omega-3 fatty acids. It also offers a great everyday price—each 16 ounce jar is $4.99. You'll find it with our other nut butters in the grocery aisle.

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