High Oleic Sunflower Oil

High Oleic Sunflower Oil

June 5th, 2017—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

As a casual observer, you might assume that once Trader Joe’s puts a product on our shelves, that’s how the product will exist for as long as we offer it. Our truth is that we are constantly striving to improve. If something is ok or even pretty good, we won’t stop working on it until it’s great, outstanding, even. Case in point: sunflower oil. Our previous sunflower oil was a good product – it sold well, and people seemed to like it. However, we felt it could be even better, with just a tweak or two. And so… Trader Joe’s High Oleic Sunflower Oil.

Farmers in Argentina, France and the United States select and grow specific varieties of sunflowers that have naturally higher levels of monounsaturated fats (namely, oleic acid), and lower levels of polyunsaturated fats than other varieties of sunflowers. The seeds, or kernels, of these special sunflowers contain about 50% oil, which is extracted by way of an expeller press, and then refined, resulting in oil with a high smoke point of about 440 degrees. The mild, neutral flavor and light mouthfeel of High Oleic Sunflower Oil doesn’t mask other foods when used in cooking or when consumed raw – making it an excellent choice for salad dressings – and its high smoke point makes it ideal for stir-frys and high-heat roasting.

In addition to improving upon the nutritional benefits of our previous sunflower oil, we were able to maintain the same retail for this new version – $3.99 per 33.8 ounce (1 liter) bottle of kosher (pareve) certified High Oleic Sunflower Oil

Ingredients: High Oleic Sunflower Oil.

NOTE: Since posting, the details of this item may have changed due to fluctuating market prices, federal regulations, currency rates, drought, pestilence, bandits, rush hour traffic, filibusters, clowns, zombie apocalypse, punctilious product developers…;Contact our Crew for current price and availability.

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