Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed for Cider

Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed for Cider

March 20, 2017—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

When we first introduced Henry Hotspur’s, it came in a 22 ounce (650ml) bottle. Cider fans rejoiced, and there was hard apple cider happiness all around. And yet, we knew we could make it even more appealing. Oh, no, we wouldn’t dare change the flavor profile – but the size? Twenty-two ounces is a big commitment, and not everyone wants that much alcohol at once. So we made the decision to change the packaging and deliver it to you in a 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles. Nothing else has changed. It’s the same Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed for Cider you know and love. And for those of you who haven’t tried it yet, now you can enjoy it by opening up a single 12 ounce bottle at a time.

And what of the cider itself? Allow us to paint you a picture. It’s made with 100% fresh-pressed apples from the Pacific Northwest, and fermented with brewer’s yeast. After fermentation, small amounts of unfermented apple juice are added in, lending Henry Hotspur’s a distinctive flavor profile that elevates it above so many of the hard cider options on the market. This is truly a “craft” cider, delivering a crisp, bold, apple-forward flavor with a slightly sweet finish. We’re selling each 6-pack of 12 ounce bottles for $7.99*, plus deposit where applicable, every day.

*Henry Hotspur’s Hard Pressed Cider is currently available in Trader Joe's stores where beer is sold. It is $7.99 plus tax and redemption unless otherwise noted here: CA, AZ: $6.99; TX, MA, NJ, DC $7.49; KY, GA, TN, FL, AL: $8.99. Alcohol availability & price may vary due to state laws, taxes, shipment fees & other such stuff.

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