Amaryllis Bulb in Wax

Amaryllis Bulb in Wax

January 3rd, 2017—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

In years past, we’ve featured Amaryllis Bulb kits that make great gifts, a sort of DIY present for the more patient folks in your life, those who are inclined to take good care of things. We’ve always loved those kits; this year, though, we’ve discovered an alternative that’s so hands-off you can even gift it to your friends with decidedly not green thumbs. These Amaryllis Bulbs in Wax do still require patience, as the bulbs need some time to flower. What they don’t need are water or much in terms of attention.

Trader Joe’s Amaryllis Bulbs in Wax come to us from Brazil. The “naked” Bulb is imported and then waxed upon arrival in Virginia. All of the nutrients the flower requires for growth and bloom are packed into the big, round, wax-covered bulb. When you get them home, just place them on a counter with some sunshine and periodically turn the bulb to encourage tall, straight growth.  That’s it. No water. No soil. No constant watching. This is the must-have plant of the season. We’re selling each Amaryllis Bulb in Wax for the not-so-flowery price of $7.99, throughout the season.

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