Greek Stuffed Olive Triumvirate

Greek Stuffed Olive Triumvirate

January 3rd, 2017—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

Last year we sold a huge jar of huge Greek olives. This year, we decided to up the olive ante, stuffing those huge olives with huge flavors. Trader Joe’s Greek Stuffed Olive Triumvirate is a celebration of the olive and all it can accomplish when its seed is removed. The olives, of the Chalkidiki variety, are pitted and stuffed with a triumvirate of tantalizing tastes – almonds, piri-piri peppers, and jalapeños. Each very large olive is stuffed with a different item; in the jar, you’ll see olives with red, green, or white(ish) poking out of the top. It’s an impressive, festive sight.

The olives are also impressive to eat. Packed for Trader Joe’s in Katerini, Greece, the olives are cured with less salt than is the norm in Greece, resulting in firmer, crisper finished olives. That lower-salt brine also allows the flavors of the fillings to flourish. Serve the Greek Stuffed Olive Triumvirate as part of a cheese platter, or on a tray of cured meats with our Salami Trio. Deliver a jar as a host or hostess gift when you’re invited to a shindig at a foodie friend’s place. Or present it in a gift basket of truly tasty treats.

Our price of $6.99 for each 35.24 ounce jar is a real treat, too. You’ll find the Greek Stuffed Olive Triumvirate on our grocery shelves.

Ingredients: Mixed Green Stuffed Olives (green pitted olives, almonds, jalapeno peppers [green peppers, salt, wine vinegar, citric acid, calcium chloride], piri piri peppers [red peppers, salt, vinegar, calcium chloride]), Water, Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C for freshness).

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