Candles Pillar and Taper

Candles Pillar and Taper

January 3rd, 2017—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

Basking in the Candle Light

‘Tis the season for twinkling lights. Why limit your twinkle to the electrified variety, when there are so many candles you could choose that can light up your world? Start with our taper candles, labeled simply, Eight Candles. They’re dripless and smokeless, available in both white and cream-colored varieties. For a candelabra or a traditional candlestick, these are your go-to candles. At $2.99 for a box of eight, they’re a go-to value.

To suit those settings that are a little more casual but no less elegant, we have Ivory Pillar Candles in two sizes in our candle collection. Available in both 3x3 and 3x6 sizes (that’s three inches in diameter and either three or six inches tall), these are dripless and smokeless, made of hand poured paraffin and a single cotton wick. Revolutionary? Of course not. Useful? Heck yes! They’re great light sources, look terrific on a table, and can be combined with our Eight Candles to incandescent, illuminating effect. Best of all, our prices – $3.99 for the 3x6 and $2.99 for the 3x3, represent truly revolutionary values in the candle biz. Need holiday candles? Now, Trader Joe’s has the long and the short of that need covered.


Eight Candles: Mineral Oil, Cotton Wick.

Pillar Candles: Paraffin Wax, Cotton Wick.

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