Green Tahini Dip & Sauce

Green Tahini Dip & Sauce

September 26, 2016—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

Product inspiration can pop up absolutely anywhere. Sometimes it happens in our offices, sometimes in our stores, sometimes while visiting potential product vendors, and sometimes in our own kitchens. One of our intrepid product pros found inspiration for Trader Joe’s Green Tahini Dip & Sauce in the comfort of her kitchen, while pondering what to serve for dinner that very night. The answer came to her straight from the pages of a newspaper (yes, a printed newspaper!), where she read about a similar condiment. She blended and tweaked and mixed and measured, and finally came up with the recipe for what’s now found in our refrigerated case.

Green Tahini Dip & Sauce is a vibrant, verdant update on a classic tahini dip. Like all tahini, this one begins with ground sesame seeds. From there, it’s loaded with fresh green herbs – specifically parsley, dill, mint, and cilantro – spiked with lemon juice, and sparsely seasoned with green onion, garlic, sea salt, and cumin. It’s like no tahini you’ve tasted ‘til now. Try it with grilled fish, chicken, or shrimp. Use it as a dip for vegetable crudités or pita chips. In this case, it is very easy being green!  We’re selling each eight ounce tub for $2.99, every day.

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