Pie Crust and Cherry Pie Filling

TJ’s Pie Crust and Cherry Pie Filling

Pie in summer? But of course! Sure, the weather is warm, but with the bounty of summertime fruits at your disposal, pies are definitely in order. As always, our goal is to make your life both more delicious and perhaps a little less complicated. This holds true for pies. We do, of course, have pies that are ready to take home and serve (please see opposite page for a delicious Mango incarnation of this very thing). We also know there are times you may want to craft a pie from scratch-ish. At these times, we suggest you reach for Trader Joe’s Pie Crust, an entirely convenient and delicious addition to your reservoir of baking provisions.

The crust is blended and rolled and frozen. When you’re ready to make your pie, just take it out of the box, let it thaw a bit, roll it out into a pie plate, fill and bake. It’s larger than the average supermarket pie crust – you can either make a bigger pie or trim and use the excess for decorating – a quickly cut bit of decoration looks pretty darn impressive atop your pie.  The crust is flaky, crispy and light, and it bakes to perfection every time. (Our little secret: for perfectly browned crust, brush with milk just before baking.)  Each 22 ounce box contains two crusts – enough for one two-crust pie or two single-crust pies – and costs $3.99, every day.

What will you put into that crust? If you’ve a hankering for summertime fruits but not the time nor inclination to clean, sort, and pit a bowl of cherries, we suggest Trader Joe’s Cherry Pie Filling. New this season, it’s made exclusively for us with deep red, tart Montmorency cherries from Michigan. It’s a sweet-tart blend of cherries and sugar, with a bit of lemon juice for brightness and cinnamon to round out the ideal cherry pie flavor profile. We searched far and wide for just the right Cherry Pie Filling for summer, and we’re confident this is the one that will have you baking pies all summer long. We’re selling each 32 ounce jar – enough to make a satisfying, substantial pie – for $6.99. You’ll find it in our grocery aisle.

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