Honey Mango Shave Cream

Honey Mango Shave Cream

August 15th, 2016—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

If it’s a clean, close shave you desire, but you’d prefer your skin be left silky and not stubbly, Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Moisturizing Cream Shave will fulfill your wishes without emptying your wallet. This Cream was specifically formulated for us without the use of any harsh ingredients and is tested for gentleness. In fact, we designed it for sensitive skin – it’s cream based, non-foaming, free of any parabens and enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E.

Many high-end brands advertise their moisturizing shave creams as being gentle and non-irritating. And then they charge you handsomely for the favor. We’ll happily provide the gentle, non-irritating shave cream, without the high price.  Trader Joe’s Honey Mango Moisturizing Cream Shave is an excellent everyday skincare product for both men and women, with a refreshing honey mango scent. We’re selling it in an eight fluid ounce tube for $3.49.  In specialty stores and department stores, you’d pay considerably more for a cream of this quality – and you’d have to make another stop. At Trader Joe’s we deliver not only great values, but shopping convenience as well.  Oh, and a clean, close shave.

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