Organic Gingermints

Organic Gingermints

June 6th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

Vegan, organic, and gluten free candy? You betcha. Trader Joe’s Organic Gingermints are all of these things and darn delicious to boot. They’re candy, to be sure, and yet they don’t really taste like candy. Their flavor is generously gingery, thanks to the abundance of both ginger oil and ground ginger root in the recipe. And we should be clear that they’re “mints” in shape only. It’s a reference to their smallish size and pocket-sized-tin container; there is no actual mint in the recipe. Unlike many mass-produced mints that are very hard and very small due to their production process of being compressed under extreme pressure, ours are made in a more old-fashioned way (mixed in large bowls, flattened into sheets and cut), resulting in a slightly larger, lozenge-shaped candy with a slightly softer (but not soft), more appealing texture.

We simply enjoy the flavor and texture of these Organic Gingermints. Their stand-up-and-pay-attention ginger profile is a welcome change of pace from other, sweeter candies. And some have said that the ginger is a calming influence on their days. We’ll never argue with calming influences. We’ll also never argue with great values, which Organic Gingermints surely deliver. We’re selling each 1.41 ounce tin, containing about 42-48 Gingermints, for $1.99, every day.

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