VINTJS Syrah Paso Robles 2013

VINTJS Syrah Paso Robles 2013

January 4, 2016—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

For our VINTJS Wines (that's Vintages), we've partnered with some terrific winemakers to bring you super-quality wines at super-value prices. We're super serious. Because they represent such super value, in fact, we can reveal their appellations, but not the specific vineyards in which the grapes are grown. We'd love to tell you which vineyards produced these grapes. We'd love to reveal their roots. Honest. But if a condition of getting such excellent wine at this kind of price is that we stay mum about the specific vineyard, so be it.

VINTJS Syrah Paso Robles 2013 comes to us directly from a family-owned winery that lies just off the Pacific Coast in the Paso Robles region. Here they've crafted a bold, fruit-forward Syrah, aged six months on oak, that features a well-balanced profile of black currant and plum, with subtle hints of pepper and very light vanilla undertones, leading to a big, juicy finish. This is a fantastic wine to serve with a hearty holiday meal, and at our price of $7.99* for each 750ml bottle, it won't break the bank to buy enough bottles to serve a big crowd.

* VINTJS Syrah Paso Robles is currently available in Trader Joe's stores where wine is sold. It is $7.99 plus tax. Alcohol availability & price may vary due to state laws, taxes, shipment fees & other such stuff.

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