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Organic Sriracha Ranch Dressing

September 04, 2015—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

A good Ranch dressing is creamy, herbaceous, and tangy. Sriracha, in addition to being the hottest condiment in the country, figuratively speaking, is known for its chile pepper heat, tempered by just a bit of sweetness. Put them together and you have Trader Joe's Organic Sriracha Ranch Dressing - creamy, spicy, herbaceous, tangy, and just a tiny bit sweet.

Our Sriracha Ranch is a salad dressing whose flavors work with everything from a cobb salad to a zippy slaw. It's also so very much more than just a salad dressing. It's a dip for vegetable crudités, French fries, and onion rings. It's a spread for sandwiches and burgers. It's a sauce for chicken, shrimp, or fish tacos. It's a spicy replacement for yogurt at breakfast time. Okay, maybe not that last one, but the rest of them are absolutely excellent uses for Trader Joe's Organic Sriracha Ranch Dressing. We promise.

We also promise a terrific price for this exciting product. We're selling each 16 ounce bottle for $2.99, every day. You'll find it on our grocery shelves.

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