12 Grain Mini Snack Crackers

October 11, 2011 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

In the cracker world, there's not generally too much cause for excitement.  Don't get us wrong; we love a good cracker.  But do we generally get excited about crackers?  Not so much.  They serve their purpose – be that snacking or supporting great cheeses or dips – but they're rarely the stars of their own show.  Trader Joe's 12 Grain Mini Snack Crackers change that cracker dynamic and will very likely have you seeing crackers as the superstars they've always known they could be.

Trader Joe's 12 Grain Mini Snack Crackers allow you to add both soluble fiber and the benefits of prebiotics (for healthy digestion) to your diet in one bite – really, one bite; these are mini crackers after all.  These little crisps are made with 12 nutritious grains and inulin, a soluble, prebiotic fiber derived from natural chicory root.  They're wholesome, crunchy, nutritious and delicious.  Sure, you can top them with cheese, dip them in pretty much any kind of dip, or even add deli meat or egg salad to make mini cracker sandwiches, but they also make a tempting snack, right out of the box, in their own starring role.  Each 10 ounce box is $1.99, a superstar price by any measure.

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