Raw Sauerkraut with Persian Cucumbers

Raw Sauerkraut with Persian Cucumbers

April 27, 2015—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

The idea of fermenting cabbage for safe storage appears to have originated in China, and most historians agree that it made its way to Eastern and Western Europe with the arrival of Genghis Khan. Trading salt for the rice wine used by the Chinese, Europeans embraced this "sour cabbage", and modern sauerkraut is virtually synonymous with Germanic food culture.

Trader Joe's Raw Sauerkraut with Persian Cucumbers, though entirely traditional in its formulation, may just change the way you think of sauerkraut. Much modern sauerkraut is made with vinegar and cooked under pressure to induce fermentation. Ours comes from a small purveyor of fermented foods - it's truly raw and contains no vinegar whatsoever. It's made with salt and ferments naturally, over time, without ever being cooked. Crafted from a blend of raw green cabbage, raw pickled Persian cucumbers, and salt, it's mildly tart and super crunchy, ideal for topping hot dogs and burgers, tempting in tacos, or as a side salad, making it ideal for picnics and pool parties.

We're selling each 18 ounce jar of kosher certified Raw Sauerkraut with Persian Cucumbers for $3.99, a formidable value for this fabulous fermented food. You'll find it in our fridges.

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