Chevre with Honey

Chevre with Honey

March 16, 2015—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Fresh Goat Cheese with Honey has been a tradition in Northern Europe for a long time. There's something singularly tantalizing about the unique floral sweetness of clover honey combined with the natural tanginess of goat cheese.

Our Chevre with Honey starts with quality, whole goats' milk from small, independent-family farms in southwestern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. Respecting traditional cheese making techniques, the goats' milk is drained slowly over a 12-14 hour period and crafted into a fresh, bright, creamy chevre. It's then infused with 10% dark-golden white clover honey, so you get sweet and tangy in every bite. Spread it on crisp apple slices or crackers with Hot & Sweet Pepper Jelly. Crumble it over an Organic Herb Salad with beets or sautéed Fennel. Add a dollop to fresh fig halves and broil. It's also a hit simply served on Tuscan Pane. We're selling each eight ounce log for $3.79.

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