Marinated Antipasti Vegetables

Marinated Antipasti Vegetables

December 1, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

A delightful blend of artichoke hearts, grilled mushrooms, black & green olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and sliced, preserved lemons, marinated in a blend of olive and sunflower oils… no doubt makes you think of Italy, yes?  Well, no. You see, Tunisia is located just south of Sicily, a short distance across the Mediterranean Sea, and shares much of Italy's climate, and subsequently, many of the same agricultural products. We developed this great-tasting blend of Marinated Antipasti Vegetables with a Tunisian supplier, using Tunisian-grown ingredients, at a fraction of the cost of what the equivalent mélange would have been had we sourced it from Italy. That's what we mean when we say we travel the world in search of the best values.

Trader Joe's Marinated Antipasti Vegetables come packed in a glass jar with a pretty, cloth-topped lid, and a simple hanging tag describing the contents. After much careful consideration, we opted for an olive-sunflower oil blend for this Antipasti cocktail: 100% olive oil was overpowering, but blended with sunflower oil, all of the flavors make their own statement. This blend is ideal for a party - serve with cheeses, crackers, and various salumi for an appetizer course that's sure to inspire. Our price is also sure to inspire. We're selling each 24.34 ounce jar for $6.99, just for the holiday season.

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