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Secrets of the Caucasus...

Trader Joe’s Kefir
Plain • Strawberry • Pomegranate 32 Ounce Bottle • $2.99

Kefir, a cousin of yogurt, was first made from special kefir cultures called "grains" by Tartar tribes in the Caucasus mountains of Asia. The Tartars kept kefir secret for centuries, since they thought foreigners would destroy the potency of what they called the "Grains of the Prophet."  In the 1800's, the Czar of Russia forced the Tartars to reveal their secrets because he thought kefir might be useful in the treatment of tuberculosis.  While it didn’t prove to be a cure-all, many still believe that the fermented milk and probiotic bacteria in kefir contribute to long life. 

We can guarantee that Trader Joe's Kefir contributes to increased happiness.  Especially when you're drinking a cup.  We have three flavors of Kefir, made for us by the nation's leading Kefir supplier:  Plain, Strawberry and Pomegranate, made with natural flavors and colors, with no gums or stabilizers.  Our Kefir is lowfat (1% milkfat), provides three grams of fiber and 11 grams of protein per eight ounce serving.  It's also 99% lactose free and a good source of vitamins A & D.  Add a cup of Trader Joe's Kefir to your morning routine, or enjoy a cup in the afternoon – it's a terrific pick-me-up.

We're selling each 32 fluid ounce bottle of Trader Joe's Kefir for $2.99, every day.  If only the Czar had had a Trader Joe's in his neighborhood...

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