Creamy Gorg

Creamy Gorg

December 1, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

We so enjoy working with cheesemakers. They're constantly reformulating, reimagining, and reinventing, all in the name of good cheese. They have passion for what they do. Who can argue with that? Certainly not Trader Joe's, where cheese is more than mere food. It's a passion. Trader Joe's Creamy Gorg® is not a full-scale reinvention, but a retooling of sorts. Blue cheese tends to be crumbly, but Creamy Gorg® lives up to its name and is soft, creamy, and super spreadable.

Gorgonzola originally hailed from the eponymous Italian town, but Creamy Gorg® hails from Wisconsin - renowned for its cheese. It's made according to traditional methods, handcrafted and aged for 90 days in special caves. Master cheesemakers hand-rub each wheel with salt and pierce small holes into the rind of the cheese, allowing air to penetrate, facilitating the growth of beneficial mold (i.e., the blue). This careful handling ensures the cheese's signature earthy flavor and creamy texture. That texture works in sauces, on crackers and sandwiches, and in unexpected places like mashed potatoes or risotto. Pair it with dark beers and red wines. At our price of $4.99 for an eight ounce wedge, this delightful cheese is an excellent choice for special occasions and every day. You'll find it in our cheese case.

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