Egg Nog

Egg Nog

December 1, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Though recipes for drinks bearing some relation to egg nog date back more than a thousand years, today's nog likely originated in the English region of East Anglia, with the "nog" a nod to the Middle English word, noggin, a small mug used to serve alcohol. (Interesting side note: "noggin" is often used to refer to a person's head.) While there is still some debate as to its origins, there is nary a doubt about this creamy potion’s popularity during the holiday season.  To satisfy your nog needs, we have Egg Nog and Light Egg Nog (90% less fat and 40% fewer calories than the original), both of which are perfectly pleasing on their own or with the traditional splash of rum. You can also add them to coffee to make a downright dreamy latte. And then there's the possibility of incredibly indulgent French toast. That's right; we're suggesting egg nog French toast. Oui oui. Not rich enough? We do sell chocolate chips...

Just for the holiday season, we're selling Trader Joe's Egg Nog and Light Egg Nog, made without artificial preservatives or flavors, in 32 ounce cartons for $2.99 each. No debate here; that's a great value!  You'll find our Nog in the dairy case.

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