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October 11, 2011 - Fearlessly Archived - Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Ever notice that every family has one – or more! – members that don't exactly fit with the rest?  Over time, we've come to appreciate that this can be a good thing, especially in the case of Kale.  Kale, you see, is from the cabbage family, though unlike most of its brethren, its leaves do not form a head – can you even imagine?  Instead, kale's leaves spread outward, like outstretched arms, you could surmise that kale is simply welcoming you to enjoy its nutritious goodness.  You could.

Trader Joe's Kale comes pre-washed, pre-trimmed and ready for you to enjoy in any number of ways.  Sauté with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic to make a delicious side dish to serve with chicken, fish or pork.  Toss the leaves with olive oil, salt & pepper and bake to make "chips" that are super for snacking.  Keep things super healthy by steaming for a few minutes, or juice the leaves the way you would spinach leaves.  Kale is widely considered to be among the world's most nutritious vegetables – it's high in beta carotene, vitamins K and C and is loaded with antioxidants.

We're selling Trader Joe's Kale in 10 ounce bags for $1.99* a bag – this is a fantastic price for this darling of the nutrition & culinary worlds.  A price, you could say, that's akin to us simply welcoming you to enjoy its nutritious goodness.  You could.  You will find it with our bagged salads.

*Trader Joe's Fresh Kale is $2.29 in our East Coast, Midwest and Southeast stores.

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