Organic Canned Pumpkin

Organic Canned Pumpkin

October 6, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

With the arrival of Pumpkin Season officially upon us (this Fearless Flyer serves as the official notification), it's important to remember that you can't make anything "pumpkin-y" at home unless you have some actual pumpkin handy. Of course, our selection of pumpkin-centered products is more all encompassing than ever this year, yet we know there are probably things you want to make from scratch. We're the same way, which is why we're very picky about where we get our canned pumpkin purée. 

Trader Joe's Organic Pumpkin comes from a family-owned farm in Oregon's Willamette Valley. They grow the pumpkins, and they also handle the cleaning, peeling, cooking, canning, labeling, and shipping of said pumpkins. We've tasted a good number of options, and we think this is the freshest-tasting canned pumpkin you can find, primarily because the certified-organic, vine-ripened fruit is pureed within hours of harvest and packed on-site. There's nothing added—it's just pumpkin—so you can use it in pies, cakes, breads, cookies, muffins, tarts, soups, puddings and any other favorites, and add exactly the spices you want to make it just perfect... for you.

We're selling each 15 ounce can of Organic Pumpkin for $1.99 - the same price we've had for six consecutive Pumpkin Seasons - for as long as the season's supply lasts.

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