Organic Vegetarian Chili

Organic Vegetarian Chili

October 6, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Though chili con carne is said to have originated in Texas in the 19th century, hungry meat-eaters have been adding hearty spices to meat and slow cooking them for centuries. They just didn’t call their concoctions chili con carne. We don't call Trader Joe's Organic Vegetarian Chili chili con carne, either, but that's just because it doesn't contain any carne (meat). Despite what chili purists may argue, we think this version stands as proof that you really don't need meat to make great chili. This is a hearty, substantial, nutritious meal that's easy to prepare and always satisfying. Its eight grams of protein per serving come from organic red beans and organic tofu (yes, we put tofu in chili; shush up). Flavorful additions like organic bell peppers and garlic, along with other piquant spices, combine to make this a really superior-tasting Vegetarian Chili, or chili sin carne.

We enjoy a bowl of Vegetarian Chili with simple crackers or crusty bread. You may prefer yours with tortilla chips, a dollop of sour cream and some shredded cheese. Try it both ways to see which you prefer. Heck, you may even decide to add meat. We're okay with that. We're selling 14.7 ounce cans for $2.29 each, a price that's pretty ok as well. You'll find it in our grocery aisle, with the soups.

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