Grand Slam Snack

Grand Slam SnackAugust 18, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Some snacks leave you longing for the ball game, the crowd, the peanuts and… It's a Grand Slam!  Wow!  You have to try some of this stuff!  Trader Joe's It's a Grand Slam Snack will take you out, take you back, and propel you forward into a new day in the evolution of snacking. 

Seemingly familiar, Grand Slam Snack is an entirely new take on a classic combination.  We start with Midwestern corn, add a generous amount of our own Blister Peanuts, and then up the ante with whole cashews, almonds and pecans.  When the ratio of popcorn to nuts is just right, the rich, buttery caramel comes out to play.  Everything is blended by hand, in small batches, in artisan kettles, and finished only when all the pieces are evenly coated and every bite is more than just a home run, but a true Grand Slam Snack.  We're selling each six ounce bag for $2.99, an out-of-the-ballpark price.  You'll find this one only at your neighborhood Trader Joe's.  

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