Nutty Grain Salad

Nutty Grain SaladJune 9, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Nutty Grain Salad begins with red quinoa and spelt, both nutty-tasting in their own right.  To these ancient grains we've added actual nuts - pistachios and peanuts (okay, so they're legumes) - along with pumpkin seeds, edamame, and diced carrots.  It's really nutty, in the best possible way.  It's lightly dressed in a brightly-flavored, Thai-inspired, soy ginger dressing that features pomegranate & lime juices, honey & vinegar, and garlic & sweet chilies. Enjoy this Nutty Grain Salad for lunch or dinner.  Or split it with a friend and pair it with grilled chicken or fish for a hearty meal.  We're selling each 7.8 ounce container for $3.49, every day.  You'll find it in our refrigerated case.

*Ounces, price and availability may vary by region. Currently Trader Joe's Nutty Grain Salad is only available in our West Coast, Texas and East Coast stores.

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