Vanilla Meringue Cookies

Vanilla Meringue CookiesApril 28th—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Authentic meringue cookies are baked “"ow and slow" (that's very low heat for a very long time) to achieve their airy, crispy texture. In fact, they've been called "forgotten cookies", because they can be "forgotten" in an oven for quite a long time after they've finished cooking, without being ruined. Trader Joe's Vanilla Meringues are nearly impossible to forget - oh, and you don't have to do any baking.

We've been selling these sweet treats since the late 1990's, after we'd first encountered them in a small French bakery in San Diego.  They're still the same simple cookies they were then, and somehow we're still surprised by how uniquely delicious they are every time we take a bite. Trader Joe's Vanilla Meringues are light and airy, crunchy and crispy at the same time.  How do they do that?  We’ll chalk it up to the miracles of traditional French baking.  Or maybe it’s the ingredients, the utter lack of artificials, or the wispy peaks atop each good-sized meringue (about an inch in diameter). Whatever the reason, they're surprisingly good, every time.  Whether eaten straight from the tub or crumbled over a bowl of Fresh Strawberries or folded into a bowl of your favorite flavor of ice cream, they're just good.  And at a good price, too.  We're selling each 7.39 ounce tub for $3.29, every day. 

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